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Fri Dec 23 20:53:11 CET 2016

The Buildbot has detected a passing build on builder cs-master-clang while building Snowman. Full details are available at:

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Buildslave for this Build: debian

Build Reason: The SingleBranchScheduler scheduler named 'cs-master-all' triggered this build
Build Source Stamp: [branch master] 3847798c4ee3b4fef0f2cd905b903b2e1d67713e
Blamelist: Ben Cheney <ben.cheney at gmail.com>,Nguyen Anh Quynh <aquynh at gmail.com>

Build succeeded!

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git version 2.1.4
>From ssh://nas/~/capstone
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
HEAD is now at 3847798 Merge pull request #833 from 0xbc/fix_cstool_build_vs2012
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-- The C compiler identification is Clang 3.8.1
-- The CXX compiler identification is Clang 3.8.1
-- Check for working C compiler using: Ninja
-- Check for working C compiler using: Ninja -- works
-- Detecting C compiler ABI info
-- Detecting C compiler ABI info - done
-- Check for working CXX compiler using: Ninja
-- Check for working CXX compiler using: Ninja -- works
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info
-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
CMake Warning (dev) at CMakeLists.txt:345 (add_executable):
  Policy CMP0037 is not set: Target names should not be reserved and should
  match a validity pattern.  Run "cmake --help-policy CMP0037" for policy
  details.  Use the cmake_policy command to set the policy and suppress this

  The target name "test" is reserved or not valid for certain CMake features,
  such as generator expressions, and may result in undefined behavior.
This warning is for project developers.  Use -Wno-dev to suppress it.

-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /home/buildslave/snowman/cs-master-clang/build
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[1/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/cs.c.o
[2/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/MCInst.c.o
[3/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/MCInstrDesc.c.o
[4/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/MCRegisterInfo.c.o
[5/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/SStream.c.o
[6/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/utils.c.o
[7/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/ARM/ARMDisassembler.c.o
[8/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/ARM/ARMInstPrinter.c.o
[9/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/ARM/ARMMapping.c.o
[10/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/ARM/ARMModule.c.o
[11/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64BaseInfo.c.o
[12/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64Disassembler.c.o
[13/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64InstPrinter.c.o
[14/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/X86/X86DisassemblerDecoder.c.o
[15/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64Mapping.c.o
[16/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64Module.c.o
[17/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/Mips/MipsDisassembler.c.o
[18/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/Mips/MipsInstPrinter.c.o
[19/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/Mips/MipsMapping.c.o
[20/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/Mips/MipsModule.c.o
[21/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/PowerPC/PPCDisassembler.c.o
[22/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/PowerPC/PPCInstPrinter.c.o
[23/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/PowerPC/PPCMapping.c.o
[24/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/PowerPC/PPCModule.c.o
[25/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/X86/X86Disassembler.c.o
[26/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZDisassembler.c.o
[27/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/X86/X86IntelInstPrinter.c.o
[28/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/X86/X86Mapping.c.o
[29/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/X86/X86Module.c.o
[30/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/X86/X86ATTInstPrinter.c.o
[31/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/Sparc/SparcDisassembler.c.o
[32/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/Sparc/SparcInstPrinter.c.o
[33/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/Sparc/SparcMapping.c.o
[34/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/Sparc/SparcModule.c.o
[35/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZInstPrinter.c.o
[36/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZMCTargetDesc.c.o
[37/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZMapping.c.o
[38/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZModule.c.o
[39/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/XCore/XCoreDisassembler.c.o
[40/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/XCore/XCoreInstPrinter.c.o
[41/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/XCore/XCoreMapping.c.o
[42/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-shared.dir/arch/XCore/XCoreModule.c.o
[43/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64Module.c.o
[44/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64Mapping.c.o
[45/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/X86/X86DisassemblerDecoder.c.o
[46/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/ARM/ARMModule.c.o
[47/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64InstPrinter.c.o
[48/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64BaseInfo.c.o
[49/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/MCRegisterInfo.c.o
[50/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/MCInstrDesc.c.o
[51/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/MCInst.c.o
[52/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/ARM/ARMMapping.c.o
[53/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/ARM/ARMInstPrinter.c.o
[54/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/ARM/ARMDisassembler.c.o
[55/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/utils.c.o
[56/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/SStream.c.o
[57/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/cs.c.o
[58/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/AArch64/AArch64Disassembler.c.o
[59/122] Linking C shared library libcapstone.so
[60/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/Mips/MipsDisassembler.c.o
[61/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/Mips/MipsInstPrinter.c.o
[62/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/Mips/MipsMapping.c.o
[63/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/Mips/MipsModule.c.o
[64/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/PowerPC/PPCDisassembler.c.o
[65/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/PowerPC/PPCModule.c.o
[66/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/PowerPC/PPCInstPrinter.c.o
[67/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/PowerPC/PPCMapping.c.o
[68/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/X86/X86Disassembler.c.o
[69/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZDisassembler.c.o
[70/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/X86/X86IntelInstPrinter.c.o
[71/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/X86/X86Mapping.c.o
[72/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/X86/X86Module.c.o
[73/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/X86/X86ATTInstPrinter.c.o
[74/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/Sparc/SparcDisassembler.c.o
[75/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/Sparc/SparcInstPrinter.c.o
[76/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/Sparc/SparcMapping.c.o
[77/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/Sparc/SparcModule.c.o
[78/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZInstPrinter.c.o
[79/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZMCTargetDesc.c.o
[80/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZMapping.c.o
[81/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/SystemZ/SystemZModule.c.o
[82/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/XCore/XCoreDisassembler.c.o
[83/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/XCore/XCoreInstPrinter.c.o
[84/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/XCore/XCoreMapping.c.o
[85/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/capstone-static.dir/arch/XCore/XCoreModule.c.o
[86/122] Linking C static library libcapstone.a
[87/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool_x86.c.o
[88/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool_arm.c.o
[89/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool_ppc.c.o
[90/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool_sparc.c.o
[91/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool.c.o
[92/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool_xcore.c.o
[93/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool_arm64.c.o
[94/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool_systemz.c.o
[95/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/cstool.dir/cstool/cstool_mips.c.o
[96/122] Linking C executable cstool
[97/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test.dir/tests/test.c.o
[98/122] Linking C executable test
[99/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_arm.dir/tests/test_arm.c.o
[100/122] Linking C executable test_arm
[101/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_arm64.dir/tests/test_arm64.c.o
[102/122] Linking C executable test_arm64
[103/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_arm_regression.dir/suite/arm/test_arm_regression.c.o
[104/122] Linking C executable test_arm_regression
[105/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_iter.dir/tests/test_iter.c.o
[106/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_detail.dir/tests/test_detail.c.o
[107/122] Linking C executable test_detail
[108/122] Linking C executable test_iter
[109/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_mips.dir/tests/test_mips.c.o
[110/122] Linking C executable test_mips
[111/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_ppc.dir/tests/test_ppc.c.o
[112/122] Linking C executable test_ppc
[113/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_sparc.dir/tests/test_sparc.c.o
[114/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_skipdata.dir/tests/test_skipdata.c.o
[115/122] Linking C executable test_skipdata
[116/122] Linking C executable test_sparc
[117/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_x86.dir/tests/test_x86.c.o
[118/122] Linking C executable test_x86
[119/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_systemz.dir/tests/test_systemz.c.o
[120/122] Linking C executable test_systemz
[121/122] Building C object CMakeFiles/test_xcore.dir/tests/test_xcore.c.o
[122/122] Linking C executable test_xcore
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No test configuration file found!

  ctest [options]

  -C <cfg>, --build-config <cfg>
                              = Choose configuration to test.
  -V,--verbose                = Enable verbose output from tests.
  -VV,--extra-verbose         = Enable more verbose output from tests.
  --debug                     = Displaying more verbose internals of CTest.
  --output-on-failure         = Output anything outputted by the test program
                                if the test should fail.
  -F                          = Enable failover.
  -j <jobs>, --parallel <jobs>= Run the tests in parallel using thegiven
                                number of jobs.
  -Q,--quiet                  = Make ctest quiet.
  -O <file>, --output-log <file>
                              = Output to log file
  -N,--show-only              = Disable actual execution of tests.
  -L <regex>, --label-regex <regex>
                              = Run tests with labels matching regular
  -R <regex>, --tests-regex <regex>
                              = Run tests matching regular expression.
  -E <regex>, --exclude-regex <regex>
                              = Exclude tests matching regular expression.
  -LE <regex>, --label-exclude <regex>
                              = Exclude tests with labels matching regular
  -D <dashboard>, --dashboard <dashboard>
                              = Execute dashboard test
  -D <var>:<type>=<value>     = Define a variable for script mode
  -M <model>, --test-model <model>
                              = Sets the model for a dashboard
  -T <action>, --test-action <action>
                              = Sets the dashboard action to perform
  --track <track>             = Specify the track to submit dashboard to
  -S <script>, --script <script>
                              = Execute a dashboard for a configuration
  -SP <script>, --script-new-process <script>
                              = Execute a dashboard for a configuration
  -A <file>, --add-notes <file>
                              = Add a notes file with submission
  -I [Start,End,Stride,test#,test#|Test file], --tests-information
                              = Run a specific number of tests by number.
  -U, --union                 = Take the Union of -I and -R
  --rerun-failed              = Run only the tests that failed previously
  --max-width <width>         = Set the max width for a test name to output
  --interactive-debug-mode [0|1]
                              = Set the interactive mode to 0 or 1.
  --no-label-summary          = Disable timing summary information for
  --build-and-test            = Configure, build and run a test.
  --build-target              = Specify a specific target to build.
  --build-nocmake             = Run the build without running cmake first.
  --build-run-dir             = Specify directory to run programs from.
  --build-two-config          = Run CMake twice
  --build-exe-dir             = Specify the directory for the executable.
  --build-generator           = Specify the generator to use.
  --build-generator-toolset   = Specify the generator-specific toolset.
  --build-project             = Specify the name of the project to build.
  --build-makeprogram         = Specify the make program to use.
  --build-noclean             = Skip the make clean step.
  --build-config-sample       = A sample executable to use to determine the
  --build-options             = Add extra options to the build step.
  --test-command              = The test to run with the --build-and-test
  --test-timeout              = The time limit in seconds, internal use only.
  --tomorrow-tag              = Nightly or experimental starts with next day
  --ctest-config              = The configuration file used to initialize
                                CTest state when submitting dashboards.
  --overwrite                 = Overwrite CTest configuration option.
  --extra-submit <file>[;<file>]
                              = Submit extra files to the dashboard.
  --force-new-ctest-process   = Run child CTest instances as new processes
  --schedule-random           = Use a random order for scheduling tests
  --submit-index              = Submit individual dashboard tests with
                                specific index
  --timeout <seconds>         = Set a global timeout on all tests.
  --stop-time <time>          = Set a time at which all tests should stop
  --http1.0                   = Submit using HTTP 1.0.
  --no-compress-output        = Do not compress test output when submitting.
  --print-labels              = Print all available test labels.
  --help,-help,-usage,-h,-H,/?= Print usage information and exit.
  --version,-version,/V [<f>] = Print version number and exit.
  --help-full [<f>]           = Print all help manuals and exit.
  --help-manual <man> [<f>]   = Print one help manual and exit.
  --help-manual-list [<f>]    = List help manuals available and exit.
  --help-command <cmd> [<f>]  = Print help for one command and exit.
  --help-command-list [<f>]   = List commands with help available and exit.
  --help-commands [<f>]       = Print cmake-commands manual and exit.
  --help-module <mod> [<f>]   = Print help for one module and exit.
  --help-module-list [<f>]    = List modules with help available and exit.
  --help-modules [<f>]        = Print cmake-modules manual and exit.
  --help-policy <cmp> [<f>]   = Print help for one policy and exit.
  --help-policy-list [<f>]    = List policies with help available and exit.
  --help-policies [<f>]       = Print cmake-policies manual and exit.
  --help-property <prop> [<f>]= Print help for one property and exit.
  --help-property-list [<f>]  = List properties with help available and exit.
  --help-properties [<f>]     = Print cmake-properties manual and exit.
  --help-variable var [<f>]   = Print help for one variable and exit.
  --help-variable-list [<f>]  = List variables with help available and exit.
  --help-variables [<f>]      = Print cmake-variables manual and exit.

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